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There were twin brothers one brother used to hit his wife and children, he used to drink and had a criminal record

but the second brother had a very happy family he never abused anyone was very happy with his family and had a

great job.

Once the lawyer sat with both and asked the first brother that why does he take drugs and abuse family?, He said what else he is supposed to do? His father did the same to us, he used to hit us and our mother and abuse us, thats why I am doing the same, then the lawyer asked the second brother that what makes you so happy being with family,he said my father used to hit us and abuse us, so I decided I should not do this ever to my family that why I never hit anyone nor abuse.

The moral of the story is- Both had the same driving energy their FATHER but one took it in a negative way and other in a positive way

So we have to always keep thinking positive which will help to grow our personality and a positive attitude.



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